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Watch Out For The Covid-19 FEELINGS FEST!

April 20, 2020
Spiritual Growth

Just in from our global online tribe: “Ever since COVID-19 hit, I have had more negative and scary feelings than at any time in my life. I’m trying to stay positive but not succeeding. Help!”

Welcome to a very popular club of Christians around the world who are awash in pandemic-induced feelings!
We are under attack from feelings that typically start with irritation but then quickly move to anger before moving into the home stretch toward hopelessness.
Feelings need fuel and COVID-19 is keeping that tank FULL. The result is a GLOBAL FEELINGS FEST.
Feelings are SCARY to be sure. But they are also very DANGEROUS to our faith walk because every feeling WE hold onto moves us a step away from GOD.
Reality is that we will always have feelings coming in and out of our life’s movie like extras in an epic Star Wars battle.
But that is not an EXCUSE to succumb to their power. It is a MANDATE to take them captive to SCRIPTURE that animates and transforms our feelings into God’s truths.
Here’s my personal approach: “I must stay away from my feelings but, at the same time, stay on top of them.”
In other words, I am not trying to suppress my feelings. I accept them; pair them with scripture; bathe them in prayer; and make sure they don’t rear up again to take another run at me.
This approach helps me avoid the “BURY YOUR FEELINGS TRAP.”
Feelings we BURY never die. The Enemy is standing ready to produce a sequel to our previous pain.
God is not telling us to live without feelings. He is telling us to counter them immediately with scripture.
I want to run toward God for his calming clarity when feelings take command in my life. I want him to give me the wisdom to recognize these dangerous feelings. I want him to help me immediately take them captive to his Word.
The next time a FEELING lures you away from seeking God’s TRUTH, go to God’s Word and find scripture that deflates and then defeats the runaway thought.
“Sanctify them in the truth; Your word is truth.” John 17:17

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