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COVID-19 Is Dive-Bombing Our Lives With BURDENS

April 17, 2020
Spiritual Growth

As the COVID-19 VISE squeezes the world, we are all being individually dive-bombed by burdens buzzing around every part of our life. A new twist seems to pop up on our life’s screen each and every day.

While trying to “survive” this pounding and relentless attack, we can easily lose sight of how God wants us to react to the BURDENS it produces…
He wants us to take each and every burden and TRANSFER it to HIM.
God’s direction is clear. We must consciously and intentionally transfer our burdens to him and not just pray for them to “go away.”
Not one of our burdens—COVID-19 or otherwise—is too heavy for the God who endured Calvary so we could live without the chains of darkness choking our fragile neck.
God is using our COVID-19 BURDEN as a daily “Faith Tester” with one goal: Trust him to give us strength and hope by transferring the burden from us to him.
Our COVID-19 prayers are all about TRANSFER—for God to take the burden for us as he did on the Cross.
Once we transfer the BURDENS to God, we are ready to receive the BLESSINGS he has in store for us during the trial–COVID-19 and all of the other challenges in life on earth this side of the Heavenly divide.
The road to being blessed by God during a crisis runs straight through the town of CONTENTMENT. Counting blessings over burdens, in the end, will make us more content and less stressful under the attack.  

That is why I count my blessings and subordinate my burdens, especially during this COVID-19 test of our faith. My approach is to ask God to help me transfer all of my current burdens to him with full confidence and trust in his power and provision.
Have your transferred your COVID-19 BURDENS to God or are you only praying that they be lifted?  

“Leave your troubles with the Lord, and he will defend you; he never lets honest people be defeated.” Psalm 55:22

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