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A Masked Pharisee Stole His Faith’s Authenticity--6 Warning Signs!

April 20, 2020
Spiritual Growth

We are all born LEGALISTS (keep the law to win God’s acceptance) who are vulnerable to being caught in the “Pharisee Trap.” Vulnerable to reject God’s grace. And vulnerable to the false allure of earning our way into Eternity with Jesus.

The Pharisees were prolific legalists on a pedestal hovering above all others (1 Corinthians 8:1). They appeared to have it all together, but that was merely camouflage covering the death that raged inside. While their confident masquerade performed on the surface, sin was spreading in the dank tunnel of darkness underneath.
Think it cannot happen to you? Think again. We are all vulnerable. Here are 6 key warning signs:
Knowing the “right thing” in your HEAD without truly knowing WHY in your HEART.
Living out your faith to be seen by others makes it a performance, not a passion. 

Allowing our HEAD to beat our HEART is a dangerous contagion that promotes self over God. We do not bring people closer to Jesus; we kidnap them and flee.

Adding our own “take” to God’s Word is a pathetic plea to control others with our own orthodoxy, rituals, and rules.

Ignoring people—especially those in need—is a warning siren that should never be ignored.

Applying fresh paint on a life’s outer surface puts off dealing with the reality living inside. In today’s vernacular: pious posts conceal corrupt clicks.

Is the solution more knowledge? NO. More church? NO.  More googling? NO.
Gaining knowledge is an SPIRITUAL IMPERATIVE, but we need to do more. We need to be AUTHENTIC in Christ. AUTHENTIC in our relationships. And AUTHENTIC in our pursuit of God’s purpose-driven vision for us.  
I ask God to give me the strength to insist on the authenticity of Christ in everything I do.
How does your faith score on the AUTHENTICITY TEST?
“I can assure you that they are deeply devoted to God; but their devotion is not based on true knowledge.” Romans 10:2

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