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I Walked Right Past Someone Writhing In Pain

February 18, 2019
Spiritual Growth

It’s a safe bet that almost every Christian has walked past people in desperate need of our intervention on God’s behalf. Our unconditional love. Our Christ-like comfort.

These hurting souls may not show the physical signs of a person writhing in pain, but inside they are on fire. And, sadly, some of them may be near the end of their capacity to hang on by themselves.
This startling reality hit me hard yesterday when a person I know very well was clearly in this kind of pain. I had seen him behave like that before, but never saw it through the prism of his pain. Had I simply missed it or was I not paying attention?
That is why God’s lesson for me yesterday was PAY ATTENTION!
So that is what I will do, using this four-part filter:
When our pain is the greatest, God’s grip tightens in our quivering hand. His voice douses our burning angst. His love intercepts every tear (John 10:28-2).
Feeling isolated is a predictable part of God’s plan to show us that he is still in control. God uses that kind of isolation to test our character and faith (1 Peter 5:7).
God’s direction on giving him our fears immediately is as clear as the water that trickles over velvet-smooth rocks in a mountain stream (Psalm 59:16).
When the storm clouds of life look darkest, God is already preparing a rainbow (2 Corinthians 5:7).
I ask God to give me spiritual eyes to “see” those he has placed in my path who need to be loved and encouraged. I offer myself to his service so I can be an extension of his love, mercy, and grace to someone in need.
Will you be able to spot the person who is in pain today?
“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”  1 Thessalonians 5:11
Who will you encourage today?

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