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Her Long, Flowing Hair Caught On Fire. Honest!

February 20, 2019
Spiritual Growth

Early in my career as a CEO, a colleague visiting from Japan went to Napa for a weekend at the end of his trip. The first morning he joined a guide and newly-married couple for a tour over the magnificent vineyards.

But the ride was over seconds after lift-off. They hit a power line at 23 feet above ground and a fire started in the balloon!
At first, nobody wanted to heed the guide’s frantic command to jump ship.
The newly-married groom implored his bride to jump. To my friend’s astonishment, the young man jumped out without his wife! Now it was just my friend, the shrieking woman, and a bewildered guide.
Then things went from horrific to catastrophic when the woman’s hair caught on fire. Honest.
Out of options and time, my friend scooped her up and tumbled over the side. The guide quickly followed and now all four traumatized souls were looking up at a vessel trapped in a white-hot conflagration.
Casualties? One severe burn. Five snapped legs. Three broken arms. Two concussions. And four bruised egos.
The faith connection?
We are always vulnerable to being consumed by the world’s fire if we’re not careful.
Life is full of sparks looking for ignition fuel. Temptations and trials. Lies and lunacy.
The question for believers is whether or not we are walking around with an ignition source of flammable material for a fire to start–disobedience to God or spiritual apathy or you fill in the blank.
We must take serious precautions against the world’s fire by applying fire retardant—God’s Word—liberally and continually. And definitely avoid sitting too close to the flame in a hot air balloon.
For me, I ask God to keep me ever mindful of the areas in my life that serve as ignition for a “faith fire.”


Are you fire-proofing your walk with Christ?
“The God of heaven will give us success.  We his servants will start rebuilding…”  Nehemiah 2:20

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