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Playing Detective To Crack The “Faith-And-Works” Code

June 4, 2018
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Early in my faith walk I struggled to figure out God’s “Faith-And-Works” Connection. Struggled to find clarity and balance. Struggled to reconcile being saved for Eternity and whether or not that meant I needed to serve others.
Then God cleared it up by teaching me that faith and works cannot be separated. That once we make a commitment to grow in Christ after being saved by faith, good works will eventually follow.
My June theme for this devotional email blog is James and he came through on this topic:
“…His faith and his actions worked together; his faith was made perfect through his actions.” James 2:22 GNT
Believers living with false faith and acting as their life’s own God end up missing out on doing what he has called them to do. Believers with real faith who are growing spiritually will produce good works that are consistent with their life purpose.
James paints a clear and compelling picture of this “Faith-And-Works Connection.”
James is NOT saying that:

  • works are at odds with faith.
  • …you can be saved without faith.
  • …works are required to maintain salvation.
  • …faith without works is insufficient for salvation.
  • …we should focus on works instead of placing faith in Christ.

James IS saying that:

  • …faith not leading to works is dead.
  • …helping others is a result of our faith.
  • …true faith cannot be separated from works.

The natural result of saving faith is good works. Faith cannot be produced by works, but it certainly can inspire and produce good works.  How cool is that?
It prompts me to ask God for help living a life of real, authentic faith that pushes me…inspires me…and causes me to do good works.
How would you describe this “faith-and-works” dynamic in your life today?

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