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I Read The Bible Every Day But Failed Miserably

June 2, 2018
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Not only does God call us to stop talking long enough to listen and accept his Word in our heart, he wants us to put it into action.

Merely nodding our heads at God’s Word is not enough—we need to do what it tells us to do. We need to figure out which way God wants us to go, and then actually go that way.
“Do not deceive yourselves by just listening to his word; instead, put it into practice.” James 1:22 GNT
James is not playing around here. He is imploring us to diligently listen to God and believe it so much that we put it into action.
He is trying to snap us out of our apathetic daze and get us on a path that has us living an authentic life trusting God for everything.
The goal for Christ followers is to give up trying to control our life and circumstances so we can humbly receive the Word of truth he offers…embrace it…and then do what it says.
We need to be on alert for when God prompts us to do something or reach out to someone and THEN DO IT. The Holy Spirit will present these opportunities and give us the power to respond in a way that glorifies the Lord of Heaven and earth. But it takes more than listening to that prompting. It requires action.
I ask God to help me avoid deceiving myself when I want to stop short of receiving the full impact and benefit of his Word of truth. To guide me through the steps of hearing and embracing his Word…to acting on it…and living it.


Do you stop once you listen to God?

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