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I Loved Forts as a Kid, but I’m Staying in God’s Tower Now

May 19, 2018
Spiritual Growth

God’s tower is my new fort because it provides safety when the turbulence of life starts to spin out of control. And that tower of refuge is always open! It cannot be breached and there is no other place of safety anywhere.

It’s just like cities in the days of the early church which were fortified with towers housing watchmen who guarded the people inside. And that is exactly what God is to us today and always.
“The LORD is like a strong tower, where the righteous can go and be safe.” Proverbs 18:10 GNT
Everyone looks for safety when danger appears. Sometimes they are successful. Sometimes they fail. But Christians bypass that uncertainty because God is a secure tower that provides power to propel; holiness to sanctify; and righteousness to justify.
I look to David’s example in Psalm 18 so I can be rescued by God when trouble tries to take me hostage. In the process he becomes my rock…my deliverer…and my strong tower.
No matter what you worry about or fear or fret, remember that God is your strong tower and he will save you. Our responsibility is to run, not walk, to God’s tower. Run to him in prayer. Run to him in hope. Run to him in total belief.
So that’s what I ask God for strength to do. I want to run to him and his strong tower in total belief of his love and protection.
Will you go to God as your strong tower the next time life’s pressure starts to mount?

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  1. Love!!!! 100,000 thank yous for this one from Scott and I brother Mark????????it’s hard to believe you’ve gone through SO MUCH!!! We think you’re perfect; so is your Cindy????????????????????????

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