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A Good Friday CELEBRATION With All Of That Pain?

April 19, 2019
Spiritual Growth

It’s tough to look at Good Friday as a celebration with all of the pain and cruelty Jesus endured on a deadly timber atop Golgatha.

All of the optics—at least on the surface—scream bleakness, futility, and hopelessness. But we celebrate anyway because God made these three days that changed the world forever to be a victory march to life.
Though we may be tempted to sugar-coat the Easter story, it cannot happen. Yes, Friday and Saturday were bathed in horrific darkness. But Sunday’s brilliant flash of light could only come after that darkness paved the way.
We need to accept that reality as Jesus did when he said YES to his Father’s plan after initially pleading for an alternate ending.
My approach is to let Easter’s heavy and significant darkness fully engulf my soul. I want to avoid fast-forwarding to Sunday’s light without properly acknowledging the darkness of Friday’s bloody cross and the agony of Saturday’s broken body.
I can do this because I know Sunday WILL come!
Father God: When Jesus cried out to you from the cross “why have you forsaken me?” it felt like you were ignoring his call of distress. The crowd was no doubt wondering when you would come to his rescue as they watched him slowly die in shame and mockery. It’s tempting today for me to ponder that same question when I see pain and suffering in my life. But I trust that you are near and I will soon be praising you for victory. On this magnificent Friday I await with eager anticipation your resurrection on Sunday. Help me remember to keep calling your name in all things, especially when dark clouds descend on my life. Because I know the result of Easter Sunday is ALWAYS coming. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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