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Having Faith In God’s Plan Is IMPOSSIBLE

July 15, 2019
Spiritual Growth

Life is a series of decisions. One influencing another. The aggregate of those decisions compounding over time to animate our life story and unveil God’s plan for our time on earth.

Having faith in God’s plan and purpose for our life is NOT easy! In fact, on the surface it looks IMPOSSIBLE.
Forget about FORKS IN THE ROAD. It’s hard enough knowing which road to take in the first place. We pray for direction, but we’re really hoping for God’s “BIG BANG” reveal of his plan.
Not gonna happen. And that’s a good thing because there is danger in expecting God to deliver a “life blueprint.” That approach pushes aside our trust in him like a Roller Derby superstar shoots past the next skater in their sights. 
We forget that God does not unveil a long-term view of our life. He wants us to live with “God Confidence” that has us continually leaping forward into uncertainty.
It’s like going into a dark tunnel at Disneyland. We may be scared initially, but we’re confident about coming out the other end to meet the light of safety. God is just like that ride.
God commonly operates in WHISPERS. In fact, he rarely if ever SHOUTS.
We should always be checking to see if we are making big decisions with Selfless AUTHENTICITY or selfish DECEPTION.
The world implores us to set our own course. It’s the American Dreamification of life that idealizes a fully-secure existence. That’s ok unless it steals the stage from being sanctified in Christ and swimming in his fresh and endless stream of joy. 
But God counters that cultural force by teaching us to swap out those self-oriented plans for seeking his  faith-fueled and purpose-driven will.
I ask God to help me accept his direction to blow up my own view of the future and what it ought to look like and, instead, trust in faith that he will set the GPS going forward toward living out my purpose here on earth.
Do you have faith in God’s plan and purpose for your life?
“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the LORD’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21

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