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I Had Everything Hidden From Everyone, I Thought

January 14, 2019
Spiritual Growth

Our faith walk is much less demanding when we are living it out in front of others to see. Much less stressful when we join others at church on Sunday. And much less work when we are serving God’s Kingdom in front of a crowd.

Those provocative thoughts ran through my mind like a flash flood last week when a friend was talking about his faith as if his “seen” behavior was somehow different than his “unseen” actions.
Unseen? Are you kidding me?
God sees everything. There is no such thing as HIDDEN.
Here are a couple of ways I look at this area of my faith walk:

  1. If Jesus suddenly appeared, would I be proud of what I was doing at that exact moment?
  2. What would happen if my stream-of-consciousness was projected on a screen for all to see?

I don’t have to answer those questions for you or anyone. The answers rush your mind the instant you hit the last word, just like JJ Watt swallows a quarterback.
We might as well OPEN every door to every room in our life’s house. Trying to manage which doors are open and select those that should be closed—and at what time like managing a dual-train track—is not only impossible, it’s wrong.
I ask God to give me the strength to be faithful in the “hidden” parts of my life.
Is there anything you’re currently trying to hide from God?
“More than anything else, however, we want to please him, whether in our home here or there.” 2 Corinthians 5:9

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