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I Got A Flu Shot But Refused God’s Vaccination

January 17, 2019
Spiritual Growth

We can be deceived by the strong temptation to marry a small amount of God’s Word with our own understanding that “makes sense” (to us, at least.)

That approach may technically sneak past being considered a denial of God, but it cannot escape being an unvarnished rejection of what God proclaimed and Jesus taught. When we lean on our own understanding, we are calling God a liar.
Living with this kind of partial faith is just like the over-confident person who glances at the assembly instructions from IKEA and then quickly declares: “I’ve got this from here!”
You know what happens next. The now-delated hero’s spouse reaches for the instructions and says, “move out of the way.”
Taking the PARTIAL FAITH off-ramp entices us to believe a lie that impedes our path to the power of Christ’s cross. But it does not have to play out that way.
We can drive right past the flashing lights that beckon us to live with partial faith if we have received God’s spiritual vaccination that comes when we fully embrace the Word of God.
Yes, there is a cost.
That cost includes surrendering our personal will; suppressing our dominate yearning for the world’s affirmation; and waging war every day against the invasion of impure thoughts that race through our mind’s cinema.
God wants us to fully embrace his Word and do everything it takes to avoid living out a “partial faith.”
The price we pay is definitely worth it, of course, when you consider 1) the incredible benefits that start piling up on this side of the Heavenly divide; and 2) the glorious promise of spending eternity at the feet of Jesus.
For me, I ask God to give me the unshakable confidence that comes from living a life fully-committed to him.
Is your spiritual vaccination up-to-date?
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Never rely on what you think you know. Remember the Lord in everything you do, and he will show you the right way.” Proverbs 3:5-6

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