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Do You Pray In Public More Than You Do In Private?

May 27, 2021
Spiritual Growth

Our deep dive into SPIRITUAL AUTHENTICITY this month has focused largely on what others see in our faith walk and how they would characterize it on an AUTHENTICITY SCALE. We have stressed the need to always look to God as our spiritual authenticity guide. And we have covered the imperative to be SINCERE in our heart as we seek to be ever more like Christ.
That is the sturdy foundation we want to stand on when it comes to being spiritually authentic. Once God has helped us subdue our attempts to manufacture spiritual authenticity on our own, we can zero-in on the incredible BENEFITS that come to us when we are living without any trace of artificiality in our faith walk. Here’s the first—the POWER TO DEFEAT SIN.
Living a spiritually-authentic life in Christ gives believers the power to vanquish sin–especially our primary struggle (besetting sin). That power comes through our intimacy with Christ.
It makes sense. Spiritual authenticity comes when we take our cues from Christ and his Word–not the outward “messaging” we send out to the world about our faith.
“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” James 4:7
This intimate connection with Christ teaches us, and then strengthens us, to identify when our faith walk veers off the path into the sin shrubbery. It teaches us to HATE the lies of Satan and embrace the commandments of God. 
“I was also upright before him and I kept myself from mine iniquity.” Psalm 18:23
The closer we are to Christ in this process:
The more we will ask him to PUT OUR SIN TO DEATH so we can keep moving forward—but now with renewed purpose to serve God—on our faith walk.
The less we will settle for merely QUIETING SATAN’S VOICE so faith path is temporarily cleared of sin-soaked soil. 
Our goal is to reach the peace David found:
“The evidence of one who iniquity is forgiven is that there is no guile in his mouth.” Psalm 32:2
I ask God to pull me into his inner sanctuary and keep me close to his Word so my faith walk is spiritually authentic in a way that helps me overpower sin in my life.
Does your spiritual authenticity give you God’s power to vanquish sin?

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