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Did You Leave SINCERITY Out Of Your Authenticity?

May 25, 2021
Spiritual Growth

For nearly a month now, we have been drilling deep into what it means to be SPIRITUALLY AUTHENTIC. That exploration has been built on a foundation of this immutable truth—SPIRITUAL AUTHENTICITY is defined by God’s Word…NOT by our ideas; NOT by our manufactured attempts; and NOT by our cosmetically-contrived charades.
We’ve identified the clear and present danger of trying to manufacture spiritual authenticity on our own by masking up and performing for others behind our paper-thin facades.
We’ve wrestled down the “easy to spot” WHY that motivates Christians to manufacture spiritual authenticity: “To convince our inner self and show others that we are spiritually authentic.”
Here’s the second WHY behind our proclivity to manufacture our own version of spiritual authenticity:
The second WHY shows up as a false openness that presents our faith walk in a costume of vulnerability that is less about repenting of our shortcomings and sin and more about wallowing in them.
It is this more nuanced WHY that explains our temptation to manufacture INSINCERE authenticity. That’s why the best label for the second WHY is INSINCERITY. Translation: insincere authenticity = INAUTHENTIC FAITH.
What motivates attempts at spiritual authenticity that are driven by insincerity? A two-stage maneuver: 1) To EXCUSE continuing to allow sin to have its hold on us; and 2) To AVOID a showdown with the very-real demands of living a sanctified—holy—life in Christ.
But here’s the reality:
All roads to spiritual authenticity lead back to God with a natural and spontaneous OPENNESS to HIM! This is where our SPIRITUAL SINCERITY must be powered without the artifice of ambiguity.
“Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!” John 1:47
Jesus judges our spiritual sincerity.
“But we talk more than we take action.” Matthew 23:5
The aim is to have our spiritual sincerity be: 1) An extension of our faith walk on the path emulating Christ; and 2) Actions that glorify God for others to see THAT.
Spiritual SINCERITY pairs our heart and our hope to be ever more like Christ.
I ask God to give me the courage to monitor the sincerity behind my spiritual authenticity.
Take the temperature of the SINCERITY behind your spiritual authenticity.

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