Mark Affleck

Are Your Eyes Fixed On The WORLD Or The WORD?

February 8, 2021

Life in the 21st Century today is a terrifying roller-coaster ride rumbling through a lingering COVID nightmare; Washington D.C. roiling in chaos; dizzying technological advances; and a pall of uncertainty that colors all our circumstances.
The headlines scrolling across our phone suggest that the world is falling apart. Society’s moral code is being rewritten from stem to stern. Suicides continue to increase without an end in sight. Opioids take thousands of lives every 24 hours. Racial tensions are going up, not down.
Though bleak and disconcerting, we have a choice in the matter. Do we believe the world or the Word? Do we fix our eyes on Jesus or the internet?  
We cannot serve both.
Eyes focused on the WORLD inevitably lead to darkness and futility. Eyes focused on CHRIST avoid the darkness and do not miss God’s plan for our life.
We need to remind ourselves EVERY DAY that God is in charge…NOT the world! Why every day? Because allowing the world to be our boss, even if it’s “just a little” on the “small” parts of life, will always send us seeking FULL CONTROL of ALL aspects of life.
Allowing the WORLD to be our boss has us always wanting something and eventually wanting everything. We think happiness will come with that new car or watch or house. We have become paragons of individualism striving to satisfy every desire.
Doing our own thing according to the WORLD’s example ignores God’s wisdom. It leaves us vulnerable to collisions with sin and the disruption of our relationship with God. We then drift farther and farther away from knowing him and finding his peace.
Fixing our eyes on Jesus demands constant focus on his compass in all we think and do and feel.
Happiness and joy on earth are based on faith that comes from our surrender and obedience–NOT what the world tells us to desire and acquire.
We need to ask God for the wisdom to chase after HIM and give up chasing after the world. The WORLD cannot be our boss.
I ask God to steer me away from the world and toward your powerful WORD OF TRUTH. Remind me that my value is already determined in Christ, not by the world.
Diverting our eyes from the world and fixing them on Jesus demands constant focus on his compass in all we think and do and feel. Are your eyes fixed on Jesus today?
“I instruct you in the way of wisdom and lead you along straight paths.”  Proverbs 4:11
“What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?” Mark 8:36

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