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He Woke Up This Morning With PAST-TENSE Faith

April 13, 2020
Spiritual Growth

This just in from our global online tribe: Easter Sunday yesterday was the high point of my year, as it is every year. I wish I could feel my faith every day like I feel it at Easter. Why is that so difficult?

This QUESTION is the perfect pivot point for the “day after Easter.”
My ANSWER starts with the three most important words we heard yesterday on Easter Sunday–the LAST three words ever spoken by Jesus—“It Is Finished.”
The Lord of Heaven and earth had slayed Satan. Hacked hell. Destroyed the domination of evil.
That’s “PAST-TENSE” faith because Satan has lost his power and authority. He is not losing his power. He does not have it anymore! It is GONE forever.
The only way he keeps power and authority over us is if we give it to him.
But this is so much more than not giving Satan his power back. We must ACTIVATE our faith (Philippians 3:10). 
If not for the Cross and resurrection of Jesus, there is no Christianity. And the power of Easter’s RESURRECTION is in us right now, waiting to be ACTIVATED. Waiting to release strongholds. Waiting to help others and build the Kingdom of God.
Accepting Christ was just the first step on our faith journey. We need to follow that up with the next steps of surrendering, obeying, and strapping God’s “RESURRECTION POWER PACK” on our back.
Living with PAST-TENSE faith is believing that the death of Jesus on Golgotha defeated and destroyed the Enemy. Gave us that same resurrection power to live in us. Made it possible for Christians to forget the past and focus on the future (Philippians 3:13).
I ask God to help me live every day with the power that raised Jesus from the dead. To help me activate that power so it steers my life in the direction he has established for me and builds his Kingdom along the way.  

Will you live today with the RESURRECTION POWER that raised Jesus from the dead yesterday?
“I want to know Christ and experience the mighty power that raised him from the dead.” Philippians 3:10  

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