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I Went From 0 To 100% "God Confidence" Overnight

June 24, 2017

Do YOU want to live with 100% CONFIDENCE?

  • Confidence where you trust him no matter what is happening around you?
  • Confidence that has you living with expectancy that he will show up?
  • Confidence that seeps out of your soul for others to see.

Here is a snapshot of what 100% GOD CONFIDENCE is NOT:

  • It is NOT living without worry and fear.
  • It is NOT always doing the right thing.
  • It is NOT a life free of pain and travail.

Put simply, 100% GOD CONFIDENCE is a way to gauge our TRUST that God is in control, no matter what circumstances may hit our shore.
This is not a message about positive thinking…not about self-confidence…and not about self-esteem. LOW God confidence has nothing to do with us, and everything to do with the Lord of Heaven and earth.
It is rampant in modern-day Christianity and only getting worse as moral relativism tightens its grip on society and the pace of life accelerates inexorably. Most often, it shows up when we turn away from making choices we know are right but cannot muster the strength to make.
Living with 100% GOD CONFIDENCE is all about belief and trust. Consider this from the prophet Joshua:
Sadly, there are many Christians today who are living with LOW GOD CONFIDENCE. Where do they go after failing to act boldly with confidence in Christ? Most likely, they retreat to life’s equivalent of a warm-and-safe cocoon and take cover.
I get it. I go there occasionally myself. Heck, at one point earlier in my faith walk I actually LIVED in that cocoon!
Yes, I can see why and how it happens. And I know about the pessimism that makes it seem as if there is no chance of ever reaching 100% GOD CONFIDENCE. But it doesn’t have to be so bleak.  As disquieting and daunting as this challenge is, God’s light outside the cocoon is still there, as it has always been, and will always be.
Despite the light’s flickering and fading in our mind, we can live with 100% GOD CONFIDENCE because God’s Word is timeless and can overcome any and all circumstances we encounter on earth.
I will quickly admit that even with that incredible promise, trying to find our way out of that dark cocoon is hard work when we get so comfortable there that we’re afraid of the pressure we might encounter on the outside. What a shame! The real pressure is staying inside the cocoon while we wait for ideal circumstances outside the protective cover.
Waiting in the cocoon for the turbulence to pass, and ideal circumstances to appear, is a death sentence without parole. It means we will never embrace the call to move toward 100% GOD CONFIDENCE.
“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9

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