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I Thought INDIFFERENCE Was A Bad Thing!

November 3, 2018
Spiritual Growth

After all, being indifferent is showing a lack of interest or concern and looking at things as irrelevant through an apathetic lens, RIGHT?

Yes, that is exactly what the dictionary will tell you. But there is an important, life-changing twist to this story…praying for spiritual indifference is ANOTHER MATTER!
Godly indifference is focused solely on being OPEN to God’s Will in a way that has us free from gripping a specific, particular outcome. It is relinquishing whatever might keep us from choosing God first—money, comfort, ego, prestige, and pleasure…to name but a few. 
GODLY INDIFFERENCE is asking the Lord for his Will to be done–nothing more and nothing less—especially when how something turns out REALLY MATTERS to us.
Like every part of our spiritual faith walk, this kind of indifference is not something we can “do” for ourselves. Only God can get this done.
But we do have a role to play in generating a burning desire to grow spiritually; yielding in disciplined detachment; and committing our challenges and decisions to God in prayer and then waiting for him to grant us the gift of indifference.
Spiritual indifference is identifying what needs to die in us so God’s Will emerges and explodes in majestic splendor. Spiritual indifference is asking God to help us identify anything that needs to be abandoned to clear the path for him to shape the outcome in his way. Spiritual indifference is being open to what GOD wants.
This is our dead-to-self moment that allows the life of Christ to be fully manifest in and through us. Spiritual Indifference is our spiritual death where we lay down our own personal will to embrace and live out God’s perfect Will.
I ask God to attach my heart to God in a way that insulates my faith from being hijacked and protects my commitment to walk with him in surrendered obedience?


Are you indifferent to anything that would impede God’s will to be fully realized in your life?
“God’s Spirit joins himself to our spirits to declare that we are God’s children.” Romans 8:16

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