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The OSCARS are Stalking YOU

March 13, 2023
Spiritual Growth

I want to challenge YOU, today, to acknowledge YOUR fear. Have you done that lately? And if you have, did you release it to God? Here’s why I’m asking you these questions:

The fear of MAN has become so pervasive that it seems like many believers are not on high alert for signs its razor-sharp talons are getting dangerously close to them.

That’s the feeling I sensed hanging in the air over last Sunday’s OSCARS telecast: Participants in the theater and millions of viewers alike all focused on the world and its fame, money, fashion, approval…and winning.

Most of our fears are tangible and easily described. You know…heights, disease, oceans, flying, failure, death…to name but a few. But the sneakiest and most dangerous fear of all is RARELY discussed.

It’s the FEAR OF MAN, which is really just an extension of fearing the WORLD and its plasticized charade of masks and facades. That’s what I felt watching Oscars and it reminded me that fear of man (and the world) is one of the most powerful forces on planet earth. It’s also the central theme in my ministry Love God Fear Nothing and the unifying thread in my new book Activate Your Faith!

The FEAR OF MAN is a master chameleon. A “mentalist” playing with our mind without us ever recognizing his devious incursion. A poser spreading its message through people who wink at us to create the con of false sincerity.

The SIZE OF OUR GOD determines our level of defense against the FEAR OF MAN. If our God is small, those false smiles and winks will tease us, tempt us, and eventually trap us.

The only way to defeat them is to ENLARGE the size of our God and turn from living by the expectations of OTHERS to living by the expectations of GOD.
Fear of Man makes us GLORY CHASERS, not GOD CHASERS. How can we believe Jesus if we fear man?

Our fear needs to be of God, not man. Does man offer a refuge? Does man offer sanctuary? Of course not. Our first priority is to properly recognize God as BIG and STRONG and man as TINY and WEAK.

The bottom line? Our heart does not have space for man and God. But this has nothing to do with LOWERING our respect for people. It has everything to do with ELEVATING our commitment to God.

Overcoming the FEAR OF MAN is found in our full surrender and faithful obedience to God. Trusting him. Loving him. Sharing him.

Our safety is in him, not in the approval of MAN. Our fear of GOD must trump the fear we hold for man.

I ask God to guard my heart from the FEAR OF MAN and channel those thoughts to my commitment to him.

If the FEAR OF MAN is stalking you, why not ditch him right now and go to God?
“The fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe.” Proverbs 29:25

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