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Take The BELIEF Test! lower case b or CAPITAL B?

April 1, 2021
Spiritual Growth

There is compelling evidence in comments from Love God Fear Nothing’s online tribe of 1.2 Million followers around the world that we are GROWING SPIRITUALLY in 2021! Good job to all of you and may God get 100% of the GLORY.
God has been spawning that growth ever since the tribe committed 2021 to spiritual growth. To fear less. To love God more. And that’s what happened in January when we Released Control To God. And in February when we Rejected The World. And then in March when we Recognized Our Inadequacy Without God.
What an incredible blessing it is for all of us to be part of that growth!
The next step in our spiritual growth journey (April) is AMPLIFYING our belief in God.
It makes sense. Yielding to God; saying NO to the world; and admitting that we are not the boss of our life join together to create the need to move from what I call “lower-case belief ” to BELIEVING WITH A CAPITAL B.
To insulate ourselves against the Enemy’s evil commitment to derail our growing connection with Christ.
So that’s the theme for this month–CAPITAL B BELIEF.
The best place to start that story is by recognizing that even Satan sees Jesus as God’s Son (James 2:19). Because of that reality, we know that believing in the incarnation of the Son of God in Jesus Christ is not the complete salvation story.
What’s missing?
Our tight and joyful grip on Jesus that comes fully alive with our 100% trust in him; our unreserved surrender to his throne; and our faithful commitment to obey him no matter what circumstances weave in and through our life.
I call this CAPITAL B BELIEF—going beyond an acknowledgement that Jesus is the Son of God and recognizing him as VALUABLE. We need to do that because Satan sees no value in Christ who threatens the Enemy’s deceitful dance.
Christians who believe with a CAPITAL B turn their gaze from within and point it outward toward Christ in full celebration of his value and magnificence.
When we know and believe right from the start that nothing is too hard for God, we’ll come back to the day-by-day, step-by-step fight with an entirely different attitude as God gives us patience to carry us through the battle.
I ask God to help me BELIEVE in his sovereignty with a CAPITAL B.
How many dimensions does YOUR belief have? Does it go beyond believing to trusting and obeying?
“…the work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.” John 6:29

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