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My Success Dreams Were Rejected by God

August 7, 2017
Spiritual Growth

My “God Connection” was severed as a young Christian when I learned that our “success dreams and destinations” may not be part of God’s purpose for us. In fact, they may be the polar opposite.  

What!? I thought being a Christian meant we can have anything we ask for in Jesus’ name.
You may think this story’s next chapter will feature me pledging to be content with what I have and putting an end to my lofty dreams.
After learning about this tension between our dreams and God’s purpose, I saw that there was this extra dimension: God wants us to dream so big that it defies gravity!
But here’s the catch–we must have God filter our thoughts and desires and dreams over and over on a regular basis. And that does not come from constantly repeating the line over and over: “ok, God is my filter.”
No, we activate God’s filter by creating an intimate relationship with him that prompts us to faithfully express our life’s breath and turn to his Word regularly to discern his will for our life. That connection becomes an effective filter because it guarantees that we get his POV and direction real time, all the time.  

It is living in the moment and continually seeking God’s guidance on everything. It is a spiritual rhythm that only comes through being disciplined and consistently spending time with God.  It is hard work that we can do through Christ.
He made His disciples get into the boat and go before Him to the other side...” Mark 6:45
Is your relationship with Christ in a rhythm that has you intimately aware of his will so your dreams are “big enough?”
God knows how tempting it is for us to muzzle our dreams because of fear. Help us channel 100% of our focus into steadily developing an intimate relationship with you that transforms our dreams into your glory.

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