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There is No Such Thing as ON TIME

August 12, 2017
Spiritual Growth

There is only EARLY or LATE. If we are spiritually weak and unprepared to face the challenges of life when they hit our shore, it’s too late. I look at it as “simple,” but complicated.

We may think we’re prepared for the next challenge life tosses our way. But when we “snap our fingers” in the moment, we often find there is much less spiritual strength to summon than we thought. It’s just like the futile and failed attempt of a sprinting horse on the final turn of the Kentucky Derby trying to call up the extra bolt of power needed to hit the finish line first.
Early in my own faith walk I fell into the trap of thinking I was ready for anything that came my way. I was thinking, “Hey I go to church and pray and have some spiritual rhythm going right now—no problem, I’m ready…bring it on!”
Oh brother.
In every case I was “less ready” to respond in a Christ-like manner when bad news or a crisis arrived.


Being early in just another way of saying being ready. If we’re ready, we’re early.

“So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.” Matthew 24:44
I spent a couple of decades being spiritually unprepared for battle. Being LATE.

I thought BEING EARLY was a result of “becoming spiritually mature.” WRONG
I thought BEING EARLY was a destination where my life was “all together.” WRONG
I thought BEING EARLY was something preceded by “joy and happiness.” WRONG

Over time God taught me that being EARLY is directly correlative to how much nourishment we are receiving from him and his Word. Being EARLY and spiritually-ready for battle takes a commitment to connect with God every day. Being EARLY is all about drawing closer to him and tapping into his power and plan for our life.
God wants us to be confident about our ability to be ready in the future to withstand, persevere, and even thrive in the ups and downs of life. And, importantly, he wants us to learn and grow stronger in Christ as we get ready for the next chance to have his power manifest in our life.

There is no such thing as on time. 

Is your spiritual readiness early or late?

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