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STOP! Your Day Started WITHOUT a CoronaVirus Game Plan

March 30, 2020
Spiritual Growth

I didn’t sleep much last night. Not sure I slept at all, actually. After escaping my bed’s sleepless grip, I was surprised that the day’s motor turned over immediately. As the dashboard’s lights flickered to life, one word raced across the navigation screen–INTENTIONALITY.

My first move was to check in with Mr. Webster for his formal definition: being deliberate or purposeful.
That triggered my mind to produce this line:
“Living GOD’S INTENTIONALITY in the middle of LIFE’S REALITY.”
I quickly connected that thought to our new reality of living in the middle of a global pandemic. That sobering reality led to this imperative: “Develop an intentional CoronaVirus Game Plan.”
My next move was to muscle that imperative in front of the other action options queuing up for me to consider for today.
So I settled on this CoronaVirus game plan: Make my faith intentional, selfless, and outward focused.
Strap on your seatbelt. The story turns difficult here because INTENTIONAL FAITH must be propelled by God-focused, selfless stewardship of our TIME.
We all know that each and every grain of life’s sand eventually slips through the chute and dances away forever. But that is NOT the issue.
The challenge is embracing the transience of time and then acting with INTENTIONAL FAITH: living a Christ-like life in the service of others to glorify God and build his Kingdom.
Don’t be too hard on yourself as you pursue INTENTIONAL FAITH. Even the most disciplined believers slip on life’s slippery slope. The only thing God wants and expects when we fall off the INTENTIONAL FAITH horse is to get back on and redirect our regret to another confident action step for Jesus Christ.
I ask God to strengthen me to honor him with my heart and time and actions to subordinate self and serve others in his name and to his glory.
What one thing could you do this week to have INTENTIONAL FAITH?
“Your time is not your own. You were bought with a price. So glorify me in your schedule.” 1 Corinthians 6:19–20

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