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Should Spiritual Adrenaline Be Banned?

January 24, 2019
Spiritual Growth

I love watching adventure documentaries on Netflix! The more risk and suspense, the better. I’m looking for energy. I’m looking for excitement. And, most of all, I’m looking for ADRENALINE and its immediate rush of spine-tingling exhilaration!

But that is only part of the adrenaline story because in an instant, it scoots out of frame and is gone. Left behind is a gaping void where our insatiable appetite for adrenaline parks to wait not-so-patiently for the next hit.
The concern for Christians comes when we bring the need for adrenaline into our relationship with Christ.
Being joyful on a mountaintop kissed with adrenaline is easy! Spiritual maturity has nothing to do with our frequency of adrenaline-soaked moments. God wants us to exude joy always, especially when we fall into a deep canyon.
When we confuse a rush of spiritual adrenaline for an intimate experience with God, we will soon slip on that famous slippery slope.
Reducing spirituality to an adrenaline rush makes an idol of our own earthly desires. The artificial manufacture of spiritual adrenaline is a destructive dance. On the other hand, the arrival of God’s natural adrenaline—however rare—is a joy-filled blessing.
Spiritual adrenaline on God’s mountaintop is a result of our spiritual discipline in his Word and through our prayers. It’s about balance.
The rare moments of spiritual adrenaline should take the focus off us and shine it on God. Renew our sense of God’s presence. And teach us something new about who he is and who he wants us to be.
God rarely shows up to shower us with spiritual adrenaline if we have not shown up before him.
I ask God to keep me from relying on the spiritual mountaintops with their adrenaline and excitement. To ground me in his Word and his promise to guide me through every circumstance—high or low—on this fascinating journey of life.
Are you waiting for a shot of spiritual adrenaline on God’s mountaintop? How could you push your faith to a higher level on the day-in and day-out journey of the seemingly mundane?
“Jesus brought them up on a high mountain by themselves, and He was transfigured before them.” Mark 9:2

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