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Society’s Operational Code Is Being Totally Rewritten By A Virus

March 19, 2020
Spiritual Growth

In a matter of weeks, the world’s operational code is being rewritten from beginning to end. How we interact is changing. How we earn and spend money…changing. How we look at life on earth…changing.

Everything is changing.
The world is headed for a massive inflection point that will ANIMATE our future. REDIRECT our priorities. ACTIVATE our faith (if we allow Jesus to take over our control center).
This painful reality and promising possibility prompted me TODAY to commit time and resources to help Christians around the world fully activate their faith in the months ahead. (Be looking for details soon on the launch of my FaithActivator MOBILE PLATFORM.)
I truly believe that CoronaVirus is nothing less than GOD’S CLARION CALL for Christians around the world to activate their faith through these five disciplines:

  1. Total BELIEF
  3. Faithful OBEDIENCE
  4. Complete TRUST
  5. Controlled EXPECTATIONS

I am certain that CoronaVirus will trigger a tsunami of trust in Jesus. And just think, the catalytic spark came from something that has been following man around forever.
No, the real catalyst was not a diseased bat. The real catalyst for this massive rewrite of societal code came from mankind’s existential fright and inexorable fear of catastrophe and death.
There is no vaccination to ward off this monster. No magic pill to vanquish its assault. No government program to remove the devastation that is pummeling every square inch of the planet.
But faith can fix it IF it is fully activated to send God’s light into life’s ever-darkening tunnel.
That light and the activated faith of believers everywhere will become manifest through a Christ-like response to CoronaVirus that focuses on sacrificial care for others.  
Plagues like CoronaVirus have energized Christianity for centuries and always triggered explosive growth in the church. We are about to see another burst of that miracle.
But in the meantime as we lose our anchors–gatherings and sports and barbeques and work and church services–we will see widespread hopelessness. Anxiety-fueled despair. Questions on the meaning of life.
That’s why Christians everywhere need to activate their faith and exhibit sacrificial concern and care for others.
Stay tuned.
I am asking God to give me the strength to help Christians around the world fully activate their faith in him. I know it will not come from me. It will come from God. May it be so and bring him and his Kingdom glory.
Will you commit to fully ACTIVATE YOUR FAITH in the months ahead?
“The greatest love you can have for your friends is to give your life for them. John 15:13

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