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Pretend Christianity Is Coming To Your Town Very Soon!

October 25, 2018
Spiritual Growth

The epidemic wind of PRETEND CHRISTIANITY is blowing around the world with sweeping and devastating force. People are hiding their doubts and masking their uncertainty in a continuous charade to show everyone they are spiritually mature. That their life is perfect. That they have “got it all together.”

Believers chasing this pretend faith have no idea that its polar opposite counterpart–the authentic version with all of its struggles and imperfections—is powerfully attractive to other Christians and non-believers, too. All of us are drawn like a magnet to stories of restoration and redemption.
There is nothing wrong with wanting to be confident in our faith and project Christ for others to see in a POSITIVE and tangible, real-life form. But it must be AUTHENTIC! It must recognize and accept the underlying angst and doubt roiling inside our confused minds and stirred hearts.
This is one of the most important decision gates in the Christian life—do I pretend or be authentic? The good news is we know the right choice to make—push through fear and uncertainty to live with “Confident Faith” that trusts God no matter what is happening on our flanks.
Importantly, making that right choice embraces the reality of what authentic faith is NOT:

  • Authentic Faith is NOT living without worry and fear.
  • Authentic Faith is NOT always doing the right thing.
  • Authentic Faith is NOT a life free of pain and travail.

Those words above represent the AUTHENTIC part of being a Christian. The part people like to see–inspirational and motivating.
Consider this: It’s ok to have a spiritual limp provided we have fully surrendered to Jesus in obedient trust for everything.
I ask God to guide me toward him as my model and my aspirational goal as a believer.
Is there any part of your faith life that is inauthentic?
“So then, you will know the false prophets by what they do. Matthew 7:20

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