Mark Affleck

“Personal Spirituality” Sent Him To UNREALITYVILLE

April 9, 2020
Spiritual Growth

Every day we wake up to a new impact produced at the CoronaVirus factory. You know them by now: Revised infection rates; new stay-at-home restrictions; and bleak economic reports of pain rolling through American households like a California earthquake.

But yesterday a NEW impact passed through my mind’s cinema like an uninterrupted cable tv news crawl. It was the RAMPANT RISE of misguided noise I call Personal Spirituality (PS).
PS is gaining traction fast in an upside-down world that sends people on a daily snipe hunt for the next COVID-19 COPING HACK.
Innocent souls made vulnerable by this “once-in-a-lifetime” COVID-19 crisis are falling for PS lies spewed by the world’s panoply of false gods parading across the internet stage.
A few of the popular lines (lies) popping out of the PS tent follow below:
“Poetry is more helpful than any religion in a crisis like COVID-19.”
“Repeat ‘my glass in full’ 100 times every day and you’ll feel better.”
“There is no religious road to travel right now, we make the road by blazing it ourselves.”
“The world’s light will crush the pandemic’s negative energy if we all find our true self.”
We are watching a dangerous movie called UNREALITY. A film that creates an imaginary set for our life story and cons us to sign up for UNREALITY.
Joining the UNREALITY CLUB blinds us to the imperative of embracing REALITY and seeking Jesus. Instead, it sends us looking for poems and trite aphorisms and cute videos that are as hollow as Geraldo’s empty reveal of Al Capone’s vault.
REALITY is Jesus…Suffering…Heaven…Hell…Love…Sin…Faith.
The COVID-19 crisis is one of life’s rare opportunities to see the UNREALITY/REALITY split in high definition and choose GOD’s REALITY.
I ask God to prepare me to be ready with HIS message of hope and love to help people deal with REALITY and avoid the nasty lie of UNREALITY found in “Personal Spirituality.”
Are you prepared right now to tell people about REALITY—Jesus—and counter the world’s embrace of UNREALITY—Personal Spirituality?
“I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one goes to the Father except by me.” John 14:6

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