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Your Next 20 Years is a  TWO-MILLION  Piece  Puzzle

November 12, 2018
Spiritual Growth

Our lives are a composite picture of our decisions and choices—over 35,000 every day. In the next 20 years we will make over 2 MILLION of them!

Many of these choices are INCONSEQUENTIAL. When to eat. What to watch. How to act. When to sleep. What to click.
But along the way we will make CONSEQUENTIAL decisions that anchor our life mosaic. Some will be life-changing in exhilaratingly positive ways. Others will live on the coin’s other side and produce devastating impacts.
For me, two things animate this Choice/Decision Challenge: GOD’S FILTER & ASSURANCE:
Just realizing how many choices and decisions we make is a wake-up call to pay attention every day to this reality.
And don’t forget that Satan the saboteur can commandeer any circumstance and shape it to his evil ends and damage the rhythmic cadence of a once-strong faith walk.
But the goal is not to “be careful.” The goal is to stream our life breath 24/7 into God’s control center and through his filter.
This is one of the most important habits for a believer. Certainly less important for the inconsequential choices, but imperative for the consequential decisions. Sorting between the two is why I want to be in a constant dialog with God and close to his filter.
No matter what we choose and decide, God will be there to pick us up and he will stay with us on the next leg of our journey.
Our choices and decisions are important because we cannot change a single one or relive a single minute of our life. There are no dress rehearsals. No practice runs. And no do-overs.
I ask God to give me the strength to activate his filter every day in the middle of my thousands of choices and decisions. To guide me toward what he would have me do and say and be.
You are going to make over 2 million choices and decisions over the next 20 years. When all of those pieces of the puzzle are joined together, what will the composite picture look like?
“The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16:9 ESV

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