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He Nearly Died From SPIRITUAL-ITIS

September 18, 2020
Spiritual Growth

Nobody wants to get anything with an ‘ITIS’ at the end of the diagnosis, right? These invaders have names like tonsillitis, bronchitis, and arthritis. But those are just three sources of ‘ITIS’ (INFLAMMATION) that produce pain.

The swelling that comes with an ‘ITIS’ is our response to an inflammation invasion. It is our white blood cells telling the body’s immunity protection crew to fight off the intruder.
The connection to our FAITH walk with Christ is simple–Christians are vulnerable to Spiritual-ITIS.
Spiritual-ITIS invaders produce inflammation in our soul through the challenges and frustrations of life on planet earth. Disease and death. Panic and pain. Fear and frustration. Spiritual warfare and Spiritual wounds.
Those are the primary drivers of Spiritual-ITIS. But there are myriad subtle forms of this condition. Chief among them is Satan’s litany of lies that tell us we don’t matter to God. That we are a disappointment to God. That we are not good enough for God.
These lies are just a few causes of “spiritual swelling” that results from inflammation produced by Spiritual-ITIS.
Just like the doctor who tells a patient not to run until their tendinitis clears, God is the GREAT PHYSICIAN who beckons the to ask him to heal our heart. 
Pain is one of life’s great SIGNALS. If you have appendicitis, you WILL be in pain. And that signal is very important in getting the help necessary to defeat the pain.
Believers with Spiritual-ITIS WILL experience pain when their heart swells and is tender to the touch.  And that’s a signal for us to seek out God’s treatment because he can cure ANY form of Spiritual-ITIS.
But we must be a good  patient and do what he says.
For me, I ask God to give me the awareness to recognize symptoms of Spiritual-ITIS that appear in my life and the courage to take them to him–the Great Physician.
Do you have any symptoms of inflammation of the heart or soul or psyche (Spiritual-ITIS) that you need to take to the GREAT PHYSICIAN today?
“Then Jesus said to him, “Get up! Pick up your mat and walk. At once the man was cured; he picked up his mat and walked.” John 5:8-9

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