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I Lived In A Pressure Cooker That Blew Up

July 31, 2017
Spiritual Growth

It took some time to build up enough energy to explode, but that ending was inevitable now that I look back on those days earlier in my faith walk when I was living a stress-filled existence in the PRESSURE COOKER as a CEO in the marketplace.
I was constantly battling anxiety, emotional confusion, temptations, and anger. I failed to deal with the issues early before a negative pattern developed. With each new wave of anxiety my mind locked onto the wrong things and I slid a bit farther from God and the truth. The pressure cooker started its inexorable trek toward a hemorrhage.
Living in the ever-expanding pressure cooker brought with it the inevitable trajectories downward toward discouragement where I couldn’t go to God because of the guilt and emotional trauma churning in my head and coursing through my body.
When I did go to God, I got a little perspective and felt better. But I prolonged my misery by going to him too late and in a depressed frame of mind.
God has used that experience to teach me what we miss by not turning immediately to God with our emotional, physical, and spiritual problems.

  • We miss the joy of walking with him through darkness and into light.
  • We miss modeling Christ and setting a mature Christian example for those around us.
  • We miss receiving the perspective and learning God would use to deepen our spiritual maturity.

And worst of all, we miss the exhilaration that comes from leaving the pressure cooker and walking confidently toward his light.
In order to see the Christian life unfold day-by-day with unbridled and confident expectancy, we must get out of the pressure cooker of life and connect with God to filter our thoughts through him on a regular basis. The mind can only see what it is prepared to see. If our perception of the future doesn’t include a burning expectation that God will work out his blessings for us, then we will stay in the pressure cooker and confirm our destiny of a future that falls short of fully realizing our potential in Christ.
For me, it came down to belief. Did I believe enough to put God ahead of everything and get out of the pressure cooker?
I did…and my walk with Christ was transformed. Was the previous pain wasted? No way. It is now being used by God through this Love God Fear Nothing ministry.

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1 thought on “I Lived In A Pressure Cooker That Blew Up”

  1. God be with you.
    See, I am now speaking to God. I know I am different now. But I know I still have a lot to improve in my life.
    Love God fear nothing.
    I was afraid my husban doesn’t love me anymore. I love him. I put this worry in the hands of God. I don’t want a divorce. I know everything is fine. God loves me. I am His child. I am worth the sacrifice he did for me. God I love you. Guide me. I want to be good for you!
    In the name of Jesús Crist, Amén.

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