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I Missed The BUS And Did NOT Cry Even One Tear

March 12, 2021
Spiritual Growth

I have no idea why the notion of MISSING THE BUS consumed me with my first breath this morning and then shot forward like a rocket when a jolt of java delivered its brewed energy. Perhaps MISSING THE BUS came from the busload of youngsters—masked but still giddy—I saw on the way to this one-room wilderness cabin housing me to work on my book for a couple of days.
But forget about the reason for my fixation on buses this morning. The point is that most of us have literally missed a bus. And all of us have missed the bus figuratively—a meeting or appointment. A purchase or investment. A relationship “moment” or opportunity to serve someone. Whatever the circumstance and example, the point is the same—“missing the bus” is losing the chance or opportunity to do something.
Early in my faith walk I missed GOD’S BUS. I was too busy focusing on me and my mansion and sportscar. My money and my materialistic lifestyle. My pleasure and power.
But I didn’t really “miss” God’s bus. I failed to recognize my INADEQUACY without him and skipped right past his bus stop. It makes sense, even if it’s a twisted narrative.  If we’re playing God, we will not get on his bus.
God wants us to get on his bus even when we’re not sure where it will take us. Instead of worrying about the destination, we should focus on the safety his bus provides. The power of his bus to take us up any mountain and through any storm. The love on his bus that transcends our selfish motivations to serve ourselves–ME, ME, ME.
Realizing that my life was 100% SELF-FOCUSED is what got me on God’s Bus. It came after seeing that there were people who needed to hear the Good News about Jesus through my faith story. God drives his bus through their neighborhoods. Through their places of work. To the other side of the world and everywhere there are people waiting to meet Jesus. So I got on.
Those people need to hear YOUR faith story, too. But they never will if you don’t get on God’s Bus and activate your faith. Grow spiritually. Love God more and fear less.
I ask God to inspire me and motivate me to get on HIS BUS every day.
Are you missing GOD’S BUS that passes by your life every day? Will you be ready the next time his bus pulls up in front of your life?
“The Lord will keep you from all harm—he will watch over your life; the Lord will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.” Psalm 121:7-8

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