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Have You Checked Your Moral Compass Lately?

June 6, 2021
Spiritual Growth

God makes NO MISTAKE in instructing his followers to become spiritually mature. So that’s our goal and our life-long quest, right? Of course.  But it has never been and will never be “easy.” That’s why we are spending this month on spiritual growth. 
“We are not meant to remain as children, but to grow up in every way into Christ.” Ephesians 4:14-15. 
In the first week of this series we established that spiritual growth is about glorifying God, not elevating ourselves. About developing an intimate relationship with Jesus, not checking off spiritual transactions on a Godly to-do list. About transformative–not superficial–growth.
Before we drill any deeper into HOW Christians grow spiritually, it’s important to understand how the following tenet undergirds our spiritual foundation:
God’s Word must transform our moral compass and create a “spiritual mind” in a way that helps us discern what God would have us do and not do.

Committing to spiritual growth is not an intellectual endeavor. It is, at its core, a moral challenge. It is being aware of where our moral compass is positioned. It is developing a mind and heart that makes decisions after they pass through God’s DISCERNMENT FILTER.
A believer’s path to spiritual growth and maturity is not becoming “spiritually smart.” It is becoming what I call OBEDIENTLY SURRENDERED.
The choices we make and what kind of life we model for others to see is more about the level of our surrender to Christ and the obedience that grows out of that commitment than the things “we do” as a Christian.
This is how the most educated theologian can have faith that is dwarfed by that of a less-educated peasant who is OBEDIENTLY SURRENDERED to Jesus.
Our godliness is not the end of anything. Spiritual growth is not the goal. Deepening our Christ-like maturity makes us more like the Lord of Heaven and earth and that puts us in a better position to serve him and build his Kingdom. 
The caveat?
It happens when our focus remains on Jesus, not solely on our Christ-likeness. 
I ask God to keep me aware of my moral compass and my connection with him as I seek to grow spiritually and his Kingdom.
Have You Checked Your Moral Compass Lately?
“Solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil.” Hebrews 5:14
“Train yourself for godliness; it is of value in every way.” 1 Timothy 4:7–8

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