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Do You Have A Boss? Are You Sure?

March 9, 2021
Spiritual Growth

We all have bosses.  

  • The two-year-old who tests the boundaries set by well-meaning parents.
  • The teenager managing his online profiles the way HE thinks is the best.
  • The head-strong CEO who thinks he is boss of EVERYTHING—not just the business, but his entire life (ME early in my faith walk).

Playing boss creeps into the life of every human being on planet earth. It is inevitable that all of us will, at some point, hear God’s soft and pained voice ask: “Who do you think you are? Who made YOU boss? Who made YOU God?”
Playing the role of boss denies our INADEQUACY without God and forces us, eventually, to confront God’s piercing question: “Who Do You Think You Are?”
Most of us have had the thought–I KNOW I Am Right!–whether we express it out loud or keep it under wraps. It makes sense, I suppose. We are predisposed to look at our view as the right view.
This “I’m Right” dynamic is a hallmark of living our life as BOSS. It shows up in our closest relationships, at work, socially, and even financially when we assume our feeling on making a purchase is “right.” I have been in that position thousands of times and know all too well about this charade and the damage that all too often results.
If we think we can do anything on our own, it won’t be long before we think we can do everything by ourselves.
This me-centered perspective is particularly evident today in the face of 21st Century relativism, where everything is okay so long as someone says it’s okay.
But we cannot have it both ways.  If we are going to play boss and rule our own lives, we will never be fully surrendered to God.  
Doing our own thing ignores God’s wise principles of living. Playing boss leaves us vulnerable to collisions with sin and the disruption of our relationship with God.
I never want to forget that trusting God WORKS…and trusting me does NOT.
I ask God to tame the temptation in me to rely on my own understanding. To give me the power to yield everything to him. To equip me to take that trust and be a blessing to others in his Kingdom.
What do you think or do when the thought “I know I’m right” shows up on your mind and in your heart? Has God asked you lately: “Who Do You Think You Are?”
“Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.” Proverbs 16:18

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