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Are You on a GET CHASE That You Cannot Stop?

January 13, 2022
Spiritual Growth

Why do millions of Christians around the world—INCLUDING ME–have trouble developing SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINE to the level God commands?

“Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness keeping yourself spiritually fit.” 1 Timothy 4:7

If you are expecting a long answer to that question, it’s not coming. The answer is complicated, but short. Here it is:

Most cases of an undisciplined faith walk can be traced to Christians being HYPNOTIZED by the WORLD’S LIE that you need to GET, GET, GET.

Once in this hypnotic state, it does not take long before our attention is recruited into the GET CHASE and we are encouraged to get this and get that. That leaves little, if any, time to spend with God.

The GET CHASE does not always steer us toward a shiny Tesla or a towering mansion. It can be “just a little more” money and security. Just a little more of this. Just a little more of that.

We use the GET CHASE as a narcotic to dull the pain of an aching heart and a fractured soul. Once in that state, it becomes easy for us to quit something we have not started. And not starting to develop spiritual discipline is QUITTING.

We cannot fully focus on Jesus if we are in a full gallop on our GET CHASE.

Resigning from the GET CHASE comes when we switch our priority from satisfying worldly cravings to satisfying our need for Christ.

Avoiding the GET CHASE begins by acknowledging that committing to spiritual discipline is difficult. That’s why we must stare down REALITY and acknowledge our weaknesses and inability to develop spiritual discipline on our own. That we need God. And we must COMMIT to the life-long process of becoming more like Christ.

Once we make that commitment, we need to stop looking at SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINE as something we “complete.” It is not a completion at all. It is life-long journey toward a destination that will only be completed in Heaven, not on earth. Fixating on the completion of anything handicaps its start.

And if we don’t start our commitment to SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINE, we run the risk of ending up on a GET CHASE.

I ask God to keep me focused on developing my spiritual discipline by surrendering to him; connecting with him; and obeying him.


Are you on any kind of a GET CHASE right now?

“…that you may become mature Christians and fulfill God’s will for you.” Colossians 4:12

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