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Are You Doing Enough CONSIDERING in Your Life?

April 30, 2021
Spiritual Growth

To believe with a CAPITAL B that God is control–and we aren’t–we must be actively CONSIDERING everything that pops up in the cinema of our mind.
con·sid·er “Think carefully about something, typically before making a decision.”
Every person on the planet is constantly considering something–day-in and day-out. But for Christians, the real definition of CONSIDER is all about being consumed by JESUS.
“I meditate on your precepts and consider your ways.”  Psalm 119:15
The word CONSIDER is a powerful tool that informs, animates, and influences the decisions I make every day. It acts as a trigger for me to pause and put important choices and decisions through a filter that can dramatically change the course of that moment, that day, perhaps a lifetime.
This approach generates important and insightful snapshots of my spiritual growth, in the moment, and over time. My spiritual growth accelerates and deepens after making this commitment.
After using this CONSIDER decision-making technique for many years, I have learned that getting “good at it” does not lessen its utility and value. In fact, we still need it—especially need it–when we’ve made the right choice many times in the past and want to avoid a slip in the present.
Once this compelling definition of CONSIDER was rooted in my life, I took a step to activate it by writing a “Consider Guide” to help me work through life with God involved in the process. Here it is:

  1. Am I worried too much about what others will think?
  2. Have I called on Godly counsel from my friends and family?
  3. Do I have all of the facts to consider all options and scenarios?
  4. What are my motives? Is there a sign of instant gratification anywhere?
  5. Have I honestly considered all of the decision’s likely outcomes and risks?
  6. What impact will this decision have on me telling my story and serving God?
  7. What story could God tell…would he tell…should he tell if I make this decision?
  8. Have I considered past experiences and identified my blind spots?
  9. Would my decision pass the “what if everybody could see” test?
  10. Am I truly waiting for God’s direction or procrastinating?

Consider that, please.
I thank God for his gift of discerning power to direct my life. And I ask him to give me the strength to seek it by CONSIDERING what he would have me do in every situation.
How much CONSIDERING are you doing with Jesus every day?
“I remember the days of long ago; I meditate on all your works and consider what your hands have done.” Psalm 143:5

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