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Playing SECOND FIDDLE Ain't That Bad

February 22, 2019
Spiritual Growth

On the day my natural self was vanquished and exhaled its last breath, I was ready–for the first time–to play “SECOND FIDDLE.” And it was then, only then, that God blessed my life beyond comprehension.

I don’t dwell on why it took so long for me to get this right. God does not want me to waste even one minute on my past that had me intoxicated by success and money.
Once I got the fiddle off my shoulder, God started to play the tune he wanted me to follow. That blessing came with a new responsibility for me to keep my own fiddle in its dark and stranded case. So I did…and still do.
My fiddle’s case became a coffin that I left in full view to remind me of the painful consequences of silencing God’s beautiful notes so I can be heard playing my own instrument.
This is more than setting our fiddle down. It is a clarion call for us to LISTEN to what God is playing and then seek to discern what he would have us think…and say…and do for him to share the Gospel with others who do not know Jesus.
Soon after the life was choked out of my fiddle, I began to sense God’s presence. And since then I have learned a lot about walking with Christ and playing second fiddle. As my faith muscles developed, I learned to depend on him alone. Not money. Not a mansion. Not a sports car.
A rhythm soon developed that gave me confidence that God would never leave my side. And when life gets tough, playing SECOND FIDDLE gives me the perseverance to endure.
I ask God to help me realize that I am not in control of anything. To give me the discernment to see when I am not playing second fiddle enough and need to make that change in my life. 


Are you playing second fiddle enough?
“Do not be afraid—I am with you! I am your God—let nothing terrify you! I will make you strong and help you; I will protect you and save you.” Isaiah 41:10

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