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I Almost QUIT Because I Did NOT Get Any “POINTS”

July 22, 2019
Spiritual Growth

Very early in my faith walk I used to think Christian service was all about adding points to my SPIRITUAL SCORECARD so I would be seen by others as “Godly.”

God eventually set me straight…Christian service is not a game and there are no points.
If our heart is not fully surrendered and reliant on God, then our service to his Kingdom will be little more than a transaction. It will be absent the relational connection with Christ that has our heart surrendered to serve him. And it will be motivated to serve us.
That frightening vulnerability should prompt us to interrupt this dangerous force before it has a grip on what motivates us to serve God.
Creating that interruption comes from staying focused on God every day to make sure nothing hinders our connection with him. Our surrendered connection and commitment with and to God must come first, BEFORE the service.
We cannot “put off getting connected to God” in order to do “important work for the church” or endeavor to “reach the lost souls of the world with the Gospel of Christ.”
The ultimate measuring stick must be our FAITHFULNESS, not our “SUCCESS.” If we don’t get that point right, we will slip into the inevitable and very dangerous “ministry comparison game.”
Why dangerous?
Because the only way to play that game is to compare ourselves to a person or a church or another ministry organization. And that is wrong.
The only thing we should be considering is how faithful we have been to our God-given calling and then making this comparison: What have I actually done compared to what I have been called to do?
I ask God to help me identify and interrupt the temptation to keep score with my spiritual work for him and guide me toward his purpose so my service is fueled by that natural power.
How do you react when tempted to keep score with your ministry service?
“However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven.” Luke 10:20

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