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I Went On A Hunt To Serve Others

November 11, 2017
Spiritual Growth

When our life’s “boat” hits rocky seas, many of us speed up, slow down, turn around, or douse the bright light illuminating our movement.

We try anything and everything BUT dropping God’s anchor right there, right then.
That was ME until one day sharks encircled my boat during the biggest trial I have ever experienced. God screamed, “DROP THE ANCHOR!” and thankfully I listened. 
It may seem counter intuitive to DROP GOD’S ANCHOR and stop trying to figure everything out on our own, but that is EXACTLY what God teaches us to do.
Here’s how it played out in my life…
After I gave up trying to be the boss of my life, I went through a two-year battle with listlessness and fatigue. I was extremely depressed, constantly weary, and I had an overwhelming sense of futility. It was very difficult getting up in the morning, to say nothing of going to work. My responsibilities as a CEO, husband, and father did not stop, of course.
During this period I had no idea how I could ever be happy. On top of all that, I was in constant pain from football injuries and post-concussion syndrome from multiple blows to my head. Besides all that, I still had to find a way to make payments on a mansion and sports car. Other than that, everything was great.
Seriously, things really were great. Because I dropped God’s anchor right there and trusted him to get me through the storm.


“This hope we have as an anchor of the soul…” Hebrews 6:19
Ever since I experienced that period of pain described above, I have been asking God to give me the insight to know when it’s time to drop his anchor in place and the courage to do it with deep and expectant belief that he will be there for me.

Are you driving your boat through rough seas without stopping to drop God’s anchor?

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