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The  View Was INCREDIBLE, But The Fall Was Horrific

May 12, 2019
Spiritual Growth

Of course everyone loves it on the mountaintop where the exhilarating spiritual highs move us closer to God. It’s the spiritual equivalent of living in the Alps. But we cannot stay there indefinitely. We must come down willingly or we run the risk of a terrifying free-fall descent. 

But there is good news off the mountain.
God’s grace and love and hope are part of a balanced life on lower ground. This is a believer’s BASE CAMP for periodic expeditions to the majestic heights and breathtaking views on the mountaintop.
I have stopped trying to manufacture spiritual highs on a mountaintop and started to focus on living and serving on lower ground. This way I am surprised and more appreciative when I end up in life’s higher elevations.
God uses the spontaneous combustion of that surprise to strengthen my faith and provide specific direction on how I can better live out my life purpose and serve his Kingdom when I come off the mountain.
God has taught me that locking our gaze on the mountaintop views in the rear-view mirror will make it very difficult to climb the next and HIGHER summit when God presents that opportunity.
The bone-rattling chill of joy we feel on the mountaintop should never be equated with a healthy connection and relationship with God.
There will be some days that are not mountaintop experiences. In fact, most of our lives are spent somewhere between these two, essential realities–HIGH and LOW.
Our relationship with God needs to move on from the mountaintop experiences or it will not be able to grow.
The reality? God’s unconditional love for us never changes, but it will be expressed in different ways in different times of our faith walk.
I thank God for his presence in my life no matter the circumstances–whether they be on a mountaintop or on lower ground, even in a valley. I ask for help to stay the course and keep my focus on him as I climb and descend the mountains on my journey through this life.
Are you trying to organize a trip to the mountaintop when you should be focusing on what needs to be done on lower ground?
“You enlarged my path under me, so my feet did not slip.”  Psalm 18:36

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