Mark Affleck

He Had A Strong Faith But NO FRIENDS

March 5, 2020
Spiritual Growth

Remember hanging out with your best friend when the dialog was open? When you trusted them to listen and care? When they would not judge or abandon you?

Millions of Christians around the world come up short trying to answer those questions because they do not have such a friendship TODAY.  
They do not have a single close friend—not one—who will listen to their innermost thoughts and fears without passing judgment.
That painful reality prompted me to develop five compelling reasons why every Christian must have at least one intimate friend besides their spouse. They are: 1) Love; 2) Safety; 3) Honesty; 4) Encouragement; and 5) Forgiveness.
A Christian friendship is girded by both parties being devoted to the architect of love—Jesus Christ. Through his love, intimate friends experience joy in their relationship and help each other love God more.
One giant roadblock to having a close relationship with another believer is fear of having private thoughts exposed to others. True Christian friendship ensures that what is private remains private.
Sin is pervasive and sneaky. That’s why we need close Christian friends to help us see our sinful blind spots.
Life on earth is tough and we need at least one close Christian friend to stand by our side, nudge you toward God’s truth, and help you avoid apathy-induced disobedience.
No relationship is perfect on this side of heaven and even our closest friends will let us down. But intimate Christian friendships form a FORGIVENESS LAB that produces the wisdom needed to truly forgive.
Developing a close, Christ-centered relationship with someone is one of the most important things every believer must do.
I ask God to remind me of the importance behind having close personal relationships with other believers where I can share my private thoughts and gain encouragement to love you more.
Do you have a close, Christ-centered relationship with someone besides your spouse?
Let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works.” Hebrews 10:24

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