Mark Affleck


September 24, 2020
Spiritual Growth

BIBLE ILLITERACY is at epidemic proportions on planet earth. The cause in many cases can be connected to the marginalization of Scripture in favor of singing contemporary songs, attending fellowship barbeques, and taking study classes. That’s DISPOSABLE-DISCIPLINE–do your best to be spiritually nourished, but you do not have to measure your performance.

We are experiencing a famine of Bible knowledge. During famines, people die. And during spiritual famines, people die because they lack GOD’S NOURISHMENT.
If we are to remain alive spiritually, we must have sustenance. But even though we have unfettered access to God’s nourishment, we push our plate away. Doing that produces multiple dangers. We cannot:
Tap into the full power of God when worry and fear strike.
Call up God’s deepest discernment when it’s needed.
Access all of God’s hope on our hardest days.
Summon the full measure of spiritual energy needed to fight off sin.
Emulate Christ on the outside for others to see because we do not have him on the inside.
Learning about the Bible is great. But getting fed by God’s Word and being energized by the Holy Spirit are core habits for spiritual growth.
Think of it like this: There is a price to pay from eating for comfort and not getting enough exercise, right? Of course. Well, the same principle holds true in our faith walk. Treat the Bible like a spice or condiment and you’ll miss out on the full measure of nourishment God offers every believer.
Nobody runs a marathon on a diet of chips, Pepsi, and pie.
It’s the same with spiritual health. Life’s marathon for Christians requires reading and downloading God’s Word into our mind and heart.
I ask God to remind me continually to go beyond superficial spirituality and work hard to be grounded in his Word.
Are you dining at the sumptuous spiritual banquet God makes available to you EVERY DAY? Or are you eating spiritual appetizers on YouTube? What can you do, must you do, to improve your SPIRITUAL NUTRITION?
“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.” Psalm 119:105

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