Mark Affleck

He Reduced His RISK But Lost EVERYTHING

July 23, 2020
Spiritual Growth

Reducing risk is prudent. You know–seatbelts, insurance, and locked doors. But 100% risk-free living is a MYTH. Our next breath is possible…but that’s it. Our life rests in the hands of God.

The Bible says we will be never be safe from peril (Acts 14:22; 2 Timothy 3:12). But that reality does not stop most Christians from avoiding risk.
RISK AVOIDANCE may be free, but it will eventually cost us dearly because it is only possible when we are MISTRUSTING GOD.
Not trusting him to guide us. Not trusting him to protect us. Not trusting him to bless our risk-taking initiative.
Pushing past risk in our faith walk is tough today when we are told to click delete if we don’t like the image on our life’s screen. The world encourages us to make razor-thin commitments. Look for no-obligation options. Insist on cancel-at-any-time guarantees.
Living without commitment, obligation, or risk is misguided because life’s turmoil is not always meant to be “managed.” It is often meant to be embraced.
Just think of what God might be able to do in and through you if you tossed out risk avoidance and trusted him?  

God wants us to RISK RIGHT. We do that by making sure our evaluation of risk pivots on one consideration—the possible glory to God in the outcome.
RISKING RIGHT is pushing through our fears by trusting and honoring Christ. RISKING RIGHT  is taking risks that lean on him to provide our strength and govern the outcome. RISKING RIGHT is moving toward fear if it can build God’s Kingdom and glorify Christ.
Heck, if we cannot avoid risk, why not take it and embrace it for kingdom purposes?
I ask God to fortify my soul for the fight through risk and fear…all and always to his glory.
What risk does God want you to take with your faith in him?
“He said, “Come.” So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus.” Matthew 14:29  

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