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Put Your Pen Down! You Are NOT The Author!

July 30, 2020
Spiritual Growth

We are living in an INFORMATION AGE animated by technology and fueled by stories. Life in the 21st Century has morphed into a meta narrative made up of myriad stories that give us navigational perspective. Communicating and persuading and influencing and inspiring without a story is nearly impossible. Everyone LOVES a good story.
Stories give the internet ballast and anchors for marketers. Stories give bullies stones to throw. But stories also give Christians an opportunity to share God’s Good News with lost souls living in the dark.
That last line is important because it adds power to the soft and warm vibe associated with the word STORY—you know…“tell me a story, mommy.”
But let’s get back to changing the world by sharing the Gospel through OUR story.
Most of us will not have our story written in the world’s history books. But our biography will be written in God’s book of life.
Writing the story God wants us to tell will only happen when we allow him to be the author and when we stop trying so hard to write the ENDING. 
Don’t get me wrong. Stories are not only incomplete without an ending; they are boring and lifeless. That’s where we get the popular line: “You won’t believe the ending!”
But when was the last time you reminded yourself that your story has an ending that never ends? Death is a termination point of one road. A permanent termination for MOST people.
The only termination for Christians is the ending of life on earth. That’s why we are to turn away from that thought and focus, instead, on the beginning of another road…this time an unending road. 
I ask God to help me remember that my story has an ending that never ends. That death may be the termination point of life on earth, but it is the beginning of a ride into eternity with him.
Have you completed the outline of your story so you can start writing it?
“Whoever is wise, let him understand these things; whoever is discerning, let him know them; for the ways of the Lord are right.” Hosea 14:9

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