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My PERFECT Dream Of PERFECTION Was A Nightmare

February 17, 2021
Spiritual Growth

We cannot discuss the spiritual imperative of REJECTING THE WORLD without paying a visit to the PASTURE OF PERFECTION. Let’s go there now.
Early in my faith walk I searched for the PERFECTION PASTURE day-in and day-out for over 10 years. You would think that after coming up empty so many times I would have waved a white flag and surrendered. But I didn’t.
I kept trying to achieve the impossible because I did not understand that the PERFECTION PASTURE was an illusion. It tricks us into thinking we can get there by “changing our attitude” and then thinking perfect thoughts.  
The right approach to climbing out of the perfection pit comes from God who has the rope we need to escape. He gives us that lifeline in exchange for our surrender and commitment to spiritual growth. He gives it to us when we spend time in his Word which reveals to us God’s TRUTH over Satan’s LIES. He gives it to us when we trust him in faith.
The result? Our heart changes and that is how we get out of the perfection pit.
For many years I tried everything imaginable to achieve the world’s version of perfection in my life. Money, mansions, sports cars, fame…you name it. I tried everything except going to God.
Looking back, I can see that I was feeling blocked out from God and unworthy of his attention. Unworthy of his love. Unworthy of his grace.
I thought my lack of “theological knowledge” was keeping me away from God’s love. After all, how could a stressed-out and striving CEO like me be one with Christ in his inner sanctuary?
I learned a powerful lesson from that experience. It’s not our effort that counts, it’s our surrender and obedience that matters.
My ambition switched to be more and more like Christ in this life. Over time. An ongoing process.
The Apostle Paul was not content with a mere partial attainment of that which Christ had set before him. The more elevated Paul became in character, the more elevated Christ became to him (Philippians 3:12).
That is how I want to live my life and write my legacy.
I ask God to give me the strength to push back when I’m tempted to take control and live for the future and strive for perfection. To help me re-commit to fully release control of my life to him when that happens.
Are you trying to live a perfect Christian life? Think about the top two or three goals you have right now and ask: “How much of this goal contains having things perfect”? What one thing can you do THIS WEEK to break that pattern and fully RELEASE CONTROL of your life to God?
“I do not claim that I have already succeeded or have already become perfect. I keep striving to win the prize for which Christ Jesus has already won me to himself.” Philippians 3:12

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