Mark Affleck


May 31, 2022
Spiritual Growth

Fastening the two words SIMPLE and DIFFICULT together presents a whopping contradiction, right? Of course. But scratching through that surface observation reveals a pairing that makes a powerful point for our faith walk. Consider this…


The SIMPLE part of this story is acknowledging the pernicious power lurking in the bowels of Satan’s stadium of darkness. Most Christians have little difficulty fearing the Enemy’s ability to wreak havoc in their life. It may not be simple to fully understand this threat, but it definitely is easy to know of its presence.


The DIFFICULTY shows up when we are kidnapped by that darkness and begin scrambling to flip on the light switch that activates God’s beam of safety. This is when panic sets in and Satan gets his way. We freeze up while trying to call on God’s promises to carry us forward. And we are stuck in the noise and confusion that creates a pulsating soundtrack for the darkness.

For me, looking back on the early part of my faith walk shows that I was a walking contradiction in this SIMPLE/DIFFICULT battle. It is painful to realize now that I had allowed the Enemy’s villainous voice to prevail against my knowledge of God’s truths and promises.

But after much spiritual growth, God has erased that painful memory and fashioned it into a blessing that guides me through the difficult parts of life and creates a story line that is helping others do the same thing.

The story’s pay-off point?

Acknowledging the SIMPLE reality of the Enemy’s potential to destroy means very little if we have not connected with Christ and prepared for the DIFFICULT part of the challenge when darkness descends. 

I ask God to help me grow spiritually through his Word and prayer and daily connection with him so my soul is immersed in his truths. To show me how to activate them against the darkness in the moment it arrives.


Are you allowing Satan’s poisoned darts to get through God’s protective armor? If so, consider trying something new when the next projectile is barreling toward you.

“If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” John 8:31-32


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