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Microwave Faith and the SHORTCUT to Nowhere

April 27, 2021
Spiritual Growth

Yesterday while exploring the world of HACKS—steps to simplify and improve our life—we concluded that all hacks (and especially spiritual hacks) can easily become glorified SHORTCUTS to nowhere.  
We’re jumping off that hack horse today as fast as we threw our leg over its saddle yesterday. We’re riding away from the word HACK because it’s a silly aphorism cooked up by a cliché-driven, microwave culture to camouflage the serious consequences of living without God.
So let’s call the spiritual version of society’s HACK MOVEMENT what it really is—a SHORTCUT! In this case, the shortcut is thinking that “GOD KNOWLEDGE” will minimize (if not eliminate) the spiritual discipline required to mature in Christ.
Taking the GOD KNOWLEDGE shortcut tempts believers to boast about their faith. To judge others. And to serve-for-show like the avuncular gent who twirls a soup-kitchen ladle like a chef performing on the teppan grill at Benihana’s.
OK…we’re pulling away from hacks and confronting their root—SHORTCUTS. Now what? Here’s how I approach the subject of shortcuts (and, no, it ain’t no hack).
The first step for me is toggling from KNOWING more about God to APPLYING what I already know. This forces me to put my knowledge into action and then seek more GOD KNOWLEGE. And then put that into action. Then go back for more GOD KNOWLEDGE to continue the cycle. 
I picture God watching over me intently for signs of my knowledge of him being processed into action for him.
Love is more than knowing.  It’s a decision to bless and align with the heart of the object of our love—GOD. To trust him even when we do not know everything about him. It’s like our mates and close friends, we love them and honor them intentionally based on what we know about them. We are NOT loving them and living in the moment with them because we know EVERYTHING about them.
I never want to be that guy frozen in place, rocking in rhythm, while reading through Leviticus…again. I want to put what I know into action.
I ask God to stop me from seeking shortcuts to knowing him. To remind me that my spiritual growth is a continuation of my salvation in him. A journey toward sanctification that activates the Holy Spirit in my life to serve him. I want to always remember that I do not need a shortcut when the Holy Spirit is standing by to enable my righteousness.
Are you looking for spiritual shortcuts that increase your GOD KNOWLEDGE but do not put it into action?
“Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceives yourselves. Do what it says.” James 1:22

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