Mark Affleck

I Let The Gators Rip Me Apart

September 14, 2017
Spiritual Growth

For me early in my faith walk, FEAR was my swamp of alligators. And I didn’t stand a chance of coming out in one piece. And I didn’t. My life was full of anxiety and confusion. It was horrible.

Attacks by fear and the darkness triggered a torrent of debilitating pain coursing through me that eventually strangled my hope. No wonder I drifted away from God and into a fog of hopelessness.
But God used that period of my life to teach me that our level of fear is determined by how much we BELIEVE that he is in control. I also learned that our vulnerability to fear will never go away. The urge to let it linger will always be there. But that doesn’t matter if we turn our attention to releasing the fear we face to God when it first appears on our radar screen.  
We become attractive to the gators when fear attaches itself to our soul. When we allow it to puncture our confident and expectant belief in God. When we fail to accept his protective hand to walk us through the fear fog of life.
Trusting God with unflinching belief is the only way to avoid becoming gator bait and falling into the swamp.
“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” Ephesians 6:10
God knows all about our struggle with fear. We just need to take it to him immediately when it attacks and gain the power to mount a counter attack.

Do you attack fear with God’s power when it invades your life? Try it with an extra measure of strength and belief the next time you see gators at your feet.

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