Mark Affleck

I Was Kidnapped By The Imaginary MONKS

July 29, 2019
Spiritual Growth

We know God is living in us when we experience his FREEDOM and realize that we do NOT have to be perfect in order to please him. That we do NOT have to “keep the Law.” That we do NOT need to become a MONK.

We are free because of what Christ did for us on the cross.
But we cannot do anything with that freedom that would cause someone else to stumble in their faith walk. Rather, we have been freed to live a MISSIONAL life–our mandate as a disciple to emulate Christ and tell others about him.
No, we do not have to become a MONK to live a MISSIONAL life that is marked by a passionate, unquenchable desire to make God’s love known to the 3 BILLION lost souls on the planet who do not know him.
MISSIONAL living is understanding the wholistic nature of Jesus’ own mission—integrating the physical and spiritual to create a whole person in Christ WHO BECOMES FREE.
MISSIONAL living is impossible if it turns into a “transactional activity exchange” where we start checking things off a spiritual to-do list. Freedom in Christ cannot ever result from that approach.  
MISSIONAL living is responding to the call of Christ to serve by spreading the Good News.
Believers committed to a MISSIONAL life look at serving like this:

  • Don’t give us status…give us a platform for service.
  • Don’t give us things to use…use us.
  • Don’t give us satisfaction…teach us to sacrifice.
  • Don’t give us reasoning…give us responsibility.

Reject panic. This is not an “overnight flip of the switch.” God is patient with us. He is looking for our commitment to move toward what he commands.
I ask God to remove the mystique and barriers around living a MISSIONAL life so I can continue to move in that direction.
Have you thought about how YOU can live a missional life and tell others about Jesus?
“…and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” John 8:32

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