Mark Affleck

I’m Going To Heaven, Right?

November 2, 2017
Spiritual Growth

Yes, you’re going to heaven if you believe that Christ has taken away your sins, and then receive Him into your heart and life. That’s the promise God has for us.

“To all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.” John 1:12

But there’s more to the story—God wants us to grow up!

I know from first-hand experience early in my faith walk that it is common for Christians to have their faith fall into a state of stagnation and complacency. That was ME!
Getting out of that trap started when I tossed aside any thoughts of guilt or legalism. And most of all, if my mood sends me back into that stagnating stew, I call up God’s reminder that being consistently disciplined in our faith walk leads to Christ-likeness and spiritual maturity.


God has taught me to remember that perfection has no place in this process. That spiritual maturity is a life-long process of exploration and discovery. That our child-like approach to growing in Christ has no ending, just inflection points of enlightenment and learning.
Once I have that truth firmly planted in my mind and heart, my request to God is to help me stay focused on growing spiritually by having child-like faith and excitement to spend time with him and his Word.  

How about you? Try taking one small step this week to spend time with God and his Word—even if it doesn’t feel right. What do you think?

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