Mark Affleck

I Was Faking My Faith

September 7, 2017
Spiritual Growth

No matter how much pain you are in right now, God is with you and wants to transform your life. I know that to be true from FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE.

It came early in my faith walk while I was a Corporate CEO and in the middle of a two-year personal funk. I was stressed out, depressed, and overwhelmed with hopelessness. Even smiling was a chore.
Of course my responsibilities as a CEO, husband, and father did not stop, of course, and I wondered if I would make it through this seemingly hopeless season of my life.
My life was being lived out in a torture chamber that I had built myself. I had no relationship with Jesus, no spiritual discernment, and no faith. I went to church, but didn’t pay attention. And I still had to make the payments on a mansion and sports car. The stress was unbelievable.
I was faking my faith. 
God knows how easy it is for us to create and then fall into some kind of torture chamber. Help us avoid that fate by seeking you when we start to feel the walls of life closing in on our heart, mind, and soul.
It’s hard to believe today that back then I still had my daily quiet time with God. It didn’t seem productive at the time, but it’s clear today that my commitment back then allowed me to sense God continually reaching out for my trembling hand. It also gave me a chance to pray for relief from the torture chamber I had allowed to encase me.
I could barely keep my eyes open and was constantly deflated inside, but with deep hope and trust in God, I prayed incessantly for a miracle and relief from the pain.
And God answered by using this experience to create an awesome explosion of my faith after my unequivocal surrender to him. Though I would never “sign up” for such travail, it ended up being a blessing that activated God’s transformation of my heart and created the Love God Fear Nothing ministry.
Now that is a great God.
“Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Be strong and courageous. This is what the LORD will do to all the enemies you are going to fight.” Joshua 10:25

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